song of ?
Franziska Baumann
Open Cube, Graz

Year: 2017
Voice: solo soprano
+ body performance
+ electronics (four channels+subs), light (LEDs, Halogen), mechanical relays
Duration: ca. 26′

Program note:
many questions remain unsolved
it is permanent
each condensate

*This piece is composed for live conditions. Most audio and visual elements are not perceived with the recording. The video recording (excerpts) is to provide a glimpse of the piece. Using headphones is recommended.
**You can download the score from the below link. A realization of this piece requires mastering the voice and body techniques I developed. If you are interested in performing, please contact me.

Immanente Zeit II
Dresdner Anatomie

Year: 2014
Voice: soprano, alto, tenor, bass
+ body performance
Duration: ca. 12′

Other Works

Neue Vocalsolisten and students
Darmstädter Ferienkurse (open-space)

Year: 2016
Voice: soprano, mezzo-soprano
+ body performance
Choir: SATB
+ electronics (iPhone)
Duration: ca. 20′

Immanenter Raum Studie

Year: 2015
Duration: ca. 7′

Work in Progress

Love Song and Variations

Solo performer
+ electronics, video, light, mechanical stage construction
Potential duration: ca. 1-2 hours

*A large-scale interdisciplinary theater.