Consumed Variations
project ensemble morph

Jenseits der Leere, wieder (빈곳의 바깥에서, 다시), Seoul

Year: 2021
Instrumentation: recorder, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello
+ electronics (stereo+subs, stereo omnidirectional mics), webpage, video
++ all the people in the room need ear-protectors such as earmuffs, earplugs
Duration: ca.28' to 36'

*This piece contains a lot of physical (bodily) elements that one cannot experience with the recording. Some soft sounds in the recording are amplified for better understanding.  The video recording is to provide a glimpse of the piece. Using headphones is recommended.

The score is available.

Ensemble Proton
Dampfzentrale Bern, March 2019

Impuls Festival, Graz, February 2019
ChampdAktion LAbO, Antwerp, August 2018

Prufrock II
Open Cube, Graz, April 2018

Byungseon Park
I am [ ]ing, Seoul

*Using headphones is recommended.