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20.06.2022 HfM Dresden

Porträtkonzert Manos Tsangaris zum 65. Genburtstag

Year: 2022
Bodily performance

Duration: ca, 4'

Prufrock II
Open Cube, Graz

Year: 2018
Setting: robotic piano player, electronics (stereo+subs)
Duration: ca. 27′

Program note:
Prufrock is a poetic narrator in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock written by T. S. Eliot (first published in June 1915). I had started composing an ensemble piece Prufrock in 2012 and finished in 2013 (revised in 2014). The piece was lamentations for a miserable life. Prufrock II is the contemplation of………. God, an awareness of death and carnal love in life.

Impuls Festival, Graz
ChampdAktion LAbO, Antwerp

Year: 2018
Three performers (one with instrument)
+ electronics (stereo+subs), light
Duration: ca. 8′

room study
ZKM, Karlsruhe

Year: 2017
Setting: stereo, subs
Fixed media
Duration: ca. 7′

*originally composed for concert circumstance where several monster-subwoofers are available.
However, it may work as it is with headphones.

Music for water and glasses
conducted by Nicolas Kuhn
das Theater um die Muhsiiik, Bern
Briefmarken Oper, Dresden

Year: 2011
Eleven Performers
+ amplified
Duration: ca. 18′

Other Works

Open Cube, Graz

Year: 2019
Setting: four channels, camera
Interactive sound installation

Open Cube, Graz

Year: 2018
Setting: mechanical relays, light, subwoofers
Multimedia stage work
Duration: ca. 3′

Open Cube, Graz

Year: 2017
Setting: stereo
Algorithmically generated fixed media
Duration: ca. 3′

Kyunghee University, Seoul

Year: 2015
Setting: stereo, subs
Fixed media
Duration: ca. 25′

Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden

Year: 2014
Setting: stereo, subs
Fixed media
Duration: ca. 6′