the (           ) love song of ?

the (           ) love song of ?

Richard Ander-Donath

project ensemble morph

2022, EarPort Duisburg

Year: 2022
Setting: solo cello, unspecified objects

+ bodily performance and 

Duration: ca. 12' (various, open form)

This composition is a love song with intentionally unspecified characteristics, allowing the performer to interpret and 'sing' their own love song based on personal circumstances and experiences—be it a permanent love, fun love, affair, or other types of love. Various elements within the piece symbolize specific qualities of love, including objects evoking memories, dynamics representing the intensity of love, and bodily actions associated with moments of love.

The piece commences with the renowned lamentation bass. Although I strictly composed a chaconne, the counter figures are subtly concealed after the initial bass introduction. The composition predominantly features silence and bodily actions, resulting in an almost theatrical presentation despite its classification as music. All actions within the piece either aim at sound production or represent imaginary sounds.