up to

"up to" is a series of performance works where I delve into the aesthetic potential of bodily actions, drawing from my personal understanding of the body. It serves as both a research endeavor and an artistic (musical) presentation.

"up to" is an ever-evolving piece, continuously refined as I gain new insights and explore my body further. T

Currently, there are four existing versions: version 1, 1.1, 2, and 2.1. Variations of 1.x solely involve body performance, while those of 2.x incorporate other media such as electronics, live-amplified body sounds, mechanical devices, and light.

The performance not only showcases the intense physical exertion of the human body, but also embraces various other challenging physical elements. Through the musical flow, different facets of the body are highlighted, offering observers a unique opportunity to contemplate the essence of the human condition.

up to (version 2.1)


21.07.2023 ACS Seoul


Sponsored by ARKO

Year: 2023

Setting: performer, live-amplified body sound, electronics, and light

Bodily performance

Duration: ca, 8'

I begin this performance with complete stillness, which is, in fact, a stark contrast to the resonating sounds in the room. My motionless body is acoustically amplified, and the live signals are processed and presented simultaneously. This ironic setup aims to emphasize my bodily existence and its liveliness.

In the second part of the performance, I execute specific actions, namely, excessive actions, requiring extreme effort from the body, pushing its physiological limits. Ironically, these actions do not necessarily yield meaningful sounding results but simply represent my effort in sound production.

In the final part of this performance, my heartbeat signals transform into a blinking light that fills the room. This transformation may accentuate how my acoustic body can impact the external world. It prompts questioning the essence of my (our) being and existence in conjunction with present technology.

up to (version 1, premiere)


20.06.2022 HfM Dresden

Porträtkonzert Manos Tsangaris zum 65. Genburtstag

Year: 2022
Bodily performance

Duration: ca, 4'